6 ways to reverse PCOS or pre-PCOS by yourself !

PCOS and pre-pCOS is common women’s hormone imbalance problems , could seriously damaged your health . Here pre-pCOS means that have a group syndrome, but no ovaries cysts .
I am expert of infertility and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine . Over 30 years clinical practice, I have been successful to treat women’s PCOS or pre-PCOS . I found there are 6 ways can reverse PCOS and pre- PCOS yourself,it can also help prevent PCOS.
Priority of 6 ways to balance Yang deficiency of Spleen and Kidney . This is the root cause of PCOS or pre-pCOS as according of the principle of yin Yang balance in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
No 1. Eat organic yang energy food , There are certain foods I would like to recommend, such as :
red meat , fish , there are high in quality proteins . Kale, tomatoes , carrots, tofu, black mushrooms , black fungus! ginger, are excellent Yang source food . strawberries, Kiwis, oranges are also perfect to enhance your yang. Additionally Goji berries, walnut, sesame seeds are best Yang boost food.
It is important to keep Please
Stop cold food and cut down on salads to protect existing Yang level!
No. 2 . Drink tea with high Yang energy level!
You can make tea by yourself : ginger tea (3-5 fresh slices pieces per cup of hot water ) ,
goji berry tea ( 2-3 gram in a cup of boiling hot water)
Red ginseng Tea ( 3-5 gram per day)
or you can buy tea bags from a supermarket which have a high Yang energy level such as wu loo tea, black tea, red tea, stop drinking cold water or cold teas that can reduced Yang energy.
No 3. Exercise to boost Yang energy
Regular Running, cycling, fast walking, these exercises need to increase heart rate, body sweating to getting rid of cold, cold dampness inside your body ! Otherwise it is not work!
No 4, Do not overlord work, and sleep well to maintain your Yang energy.
No. 5 Keep feet warm
As we know, feet has 60% times close to earth , temperature different between feet and earth, feet easily pass temperature to the earth .here temperature means of Yang energy!
However, if feet loss Yang energy , body Yang will follow to reduce, it will secondly effect Spleen and Kidney Yang level!
There are three method ,
1. Bowel with hot water to soak feet 15-30 minutes before go to bed. you can add some herbal ingredients such as “ai, Hong Hua , or Gui zi “ in the hot water it we’ll be more effective.
  1. Carefully switch on Hair dryer direct to inside feet (Yong quang) before go to bed 15-30 minutes ,
  2. Wear warm shocks if possible.
No. 6, Regular using a hot water bottle or heat patches placed on ovarian and reproductive organs area, such as : shen Jue points, zhi gong points, Qi Hai points and Tian Shu points, Guang Yuang points” , Each time 15-30 minutes, as often as you can!
These 6 ways is a simple and easily practice. It is not only help PCOS or pre-PCOS to balance hormone , It can help women’s well-being. wish you good lucky on the journey to research PCOS or Pre – PCOS treatment!
Give me feedback if you can!


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